A World with CCTV Cameras

How many cctv cameras are in the world?
There are around 700 million cctv cameras all over the world today. You can find them in places like Canada, China, the United States, England, and other areas. These are security cameras that can cost several hundred dollars to first purchase and set up. Many governments use them today for security. You can find a wide range of videos online featuring their footage. There is everything from car accidents to natural events and much more.

How Long have They Been Around?
The cctv cameras have come out a few decades go. The use of them grew quickly though to the point that now the cctv cameras can be found everywhere. In countries worldwide and they are being used to watch over millions of people.

Find cctv cameras in places that are popular tourist attractions, government spaces, high security spaces, and more.

If you are looking for cctv cameras in your own region then sometimes you can find them in places like bus stations and train stations, near government buildings, or ferry stations. Chances are you have already seen a cctv camera and you likely walk by them all the time but you might not notice it every time that you do. The cctv cameras are able to watch things all day long and because of that the cameras have been useful in capturing many different things. Sometimes that footage can be used to later solve crimes or answer questions, to show how a certain event unfolded. The cctv cameras are relatively inexpensive and they provide great value to those who use them. This is why you will find them around the world today. Those cctv cameras continue to bring value to those who are using them and will stick around for years probably to come.